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In an increasingly competitive market, keeping production costs under control and increasing efficiency are top priorities for today’s fabrication companies.

PanelWizz helps you do just that.  The software greatly reduces panel design time through it’s dynamic templates and powerful Excel import routines, the holistic nesting procedure helps obtain optimal use of sheets and our advanced cutting path algorithm minimises cutting time whilst minimising drift when cutting small panels or extrusions.

Industry Knowledge

We’ve been in the Architectural Cladding industry for thirty years

Stay in Control

Manage by whole projects or production batches and get management information across the processes

Holistic Nesting

Minimise material wastage with our advanced nesting algorithms and reusable remnants management processes


We realise that our software is mission critical in your business.  We’ll go out of our way to ensure that any problem is sorted as quickly as possible.


PanelWizz can revolutionise your production processes for architectural aluminium panel fabrication. A single, one-stop shop software solution providing estimating and project costing, through panel design, templates, holistic nesting through to NC Programs for a wide variety of machine makes and types.


PanelWizz can provide core costs for materials, labour and machine time to assist in the estimation of complex projects.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual systems as PanelWizz designs, nests and provides NC programs for your machines.


To get maximum automation and efficientcy, PanelWizz needs to be implemented in a planned and structured way; the key to optimal productivity.


PanelWizz is a mission-critical component of the production process and we pride ourselves on the quality and responsiveness of our support service.

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About us

Fleming Software is the home of PanelWizz. Since 1988 we have been at the forefront of technology in the sheet metal fabrication industry. 

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