Production Review

View the project statistics with all of the information centred in one screen, or drill down to look graphically at individual panels. Items can be removed or added, for example replacement of estimates with production information, or nested items can be returned to the production queue as required. See the extrusion cutting and fixture lists for the project or for individual panels, and print automatically generated panel fabrication drawings on demand.


Batch Nesting

Our approach to nesting is to optimise the material utilisation across the batch of panels, not just on a sheet by sheet basis.  Over a typical batch of 300 panels on 60 sheets, experience has shown that this approach can result in a saving of two (or even three) sheets; with a significant effect on project profitability.

For routers, common cutting between panels is fully automated and improves material utilisation, cutting time and tool wear. The system still supports the ‘traditional’ linear nesting (sheet by sheet) if required and interactive nesting is also possible to fine tune the automated result.

Nest Reports

This is a control document which tells the machine operator the raw material to load, the tooling setup and the panels being produced.  It normally includes a section for the operator to mark successful or unsuccessful production and this can be fed back to the office/project manager.

The system can also produce adhesive labels for the completed panels the format and content of which is customisable and can include bar-codes.

NC Programs

The cutter path is created using sophisticated algorithms to minimise rapid travel and head lifting, whilst also ensuring reduced suction or sheet rigidity related problems. The system can be configured to create NC programs for a wide range of flat-bed routers, vertical saws, punching machines and lasers.

We have post-processors available “off the shelf” for most mainstream makes and models of machine tool and others can be developed as part of the implementation providing we can get a template for the required format.

Re-useable Remnants

The efficient use of off-cuts can significantly improve the profitability of a project through reduced material usage.  

The software will identify re-usable remnants, produce an identifying bar-coded adhesive label to aid easy recovery for future use.  The nesting routines will automatically consume offcuts before the use of prime sheet

Extrusions & Fixtures

The system will produce a cutting list for extrusions and also a list of other hardware (fixtures) required either for the project or the batch of panels being produced. This can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for use by saw cutting software.

Customisation & Integration

One thing which differentiates Fleming Software from its competitors is our willingness to customise PanelWizz or provide Client bespoke solutions, to provide optimal productivity and integration with existing software and processes.

Some customisation is very specific to individual client’s requirements, whilst others enhance the functionality of the core product and are added for the benefit of all.  We can also develop free-standing bespoke applications if that provides an optimal workflow solution.

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Fleming Software is the home of PanelWizz. Since 1988 we have been at the forefront of technology in the sheet metal fabrication industry. 

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