PanelWizz is a highly automated software solution and to perform at its best, it needs to be implemented in a well-planned and structured way. Proper implementation is the key to optimal productivity and we will work with you to ensure that it is configured to gain maximum benefit in your particular production processes.

Although the software is highly configurable and we can match as closely as  possible your existing workflow, there may be some changes needed to your internal processes to get the best out of the package.



PanelWizz is designed for maximum productivity with automation at all stages but with manual over-ride where necessary.  In order that users can gain maximum benefit they need to understand not only the automated path but also the various options they have for more judgemental decisions and having full control over the final routine.

It is essential that all users are properly trained and this can be achieved in a variety of ways.  A popular option is to “train the trainer” – where a key member of staff is comprehensively trained on all aspects of the system by us and they then filter that knowledge down to users through internal training either in dedicated training sessions or on the job.

Alternately, some clients prefer that Fleming train the whole team.  We can accommodate a number of ways of doing this, be it individual training on that person’s area of the software, small groups or classroom-style.

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We have over forty years’ experience of sheet metal manufacturing units, covering everything from CAD/CAM and ERP though to Workflow and Process Control.

This gives us the insight to be able to take a holistic view of your entire order pipeline & fulfilment process and advise on the best way of implementing PanelWizz and any alterations to existing processes, to ensure maximum cost benefit and operating efficiency.

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Fleming Software is the home of PanelWizz. Since 1988 we have been at the forefront of technology in the sheet metal fabrication industry. 

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