The first stage in any cladding project is the “take-off” where the Architect’s drawings are broken down into a panel list. The vast majority of architectural cladding projects are dimensional variants of standard panel types.

Panelwizz allows the creation of a library of templates for standard panel types. These templates can include not only information about panel geometry but also about associated extrusions, fixtures and labour cost. From a panel list in an Excel spreadsheet Panelwizz gives the tools for almost complete automation of the process of costing and quoting for the project.


Project Costing

Before we can estimate the project, we need to calculate not only the cost of Materials and Labour but also the Extrusions and Fixtures which will be required


Allows the user to forecast the panel nesting for the project under different scenarios, to determine the optimal mix of sheet sizes to purchase, taking into account the efficiency of the required panel sizes against the available raw material.

Because our advanced nesting algorithms take a holistic view, we achieve optimal utilisation for the project rather than just for individual sheets. With the additional ability to identify and store re-usable remnants for future use, Panelwizz ensures material cost is kept to an absolute minimum.


At panel level, you can allocate a time for handling on the bench which can scale automatically if, for example, the panel requires more than one person due to its size. Typically this would depend on the number of bends and extrusions required.

The system will also estimate machine cutting time helping production managers schedule jobs to ensure maximum possible utilisation of an expensive asset.

Extrusions & Fixtures

Associated with each panel can be details of extrusions, stiffeners and other hardware (such as corner clips) which can scale according to size of the required dimensional variant. These can be grossed up for the project to give costing and an extrusions cutting list.

Project Costing Summary

The project costing functionality within Panelwizz give the whole production process – from estimating to manufacturing – a level of control which cannot hope to be achieved by semi-manual systems. It also ensures a consistent approach to costing to ensure maximum project profitability.

Project review

Either for peer review or for project overview, we can view and manage the panel list and project costings in one place, to ensure that all requirements are included and the project passes the “sense test” before committing to quotations and binding contracts.



Once appropriate sign-off within the business has been obtained, the data can be exported to the PanelWizz Quotation module.  This Excel based module then allows margin mark-ups, labour, machine recovery and overhead absorption rates to be applied, to produce an accurate advisory quotation.

This can then be reviewed, changed and ‘what-if’ modelled to find the final quotation price and sent to the customer.


Customer Sign-off

The system is able to produce Customer Acceptance Panel Drawings for the project. This ensures that there is no misunderstanding between the customer and the company in the event that an order is placed and in the unlikely event that there is a dispute over what was ordered and what had been supplied.

Once an order has been placed, the fact that the quotation and signed-off Customer Acceptance Panels have been generated entirely by the PanelWizz data, the production can be undertaken directly from the PanelWizz data. Production nesting, final Costing reports and NC Program files can be processed through PanelWizz in the knowledge that there is complete consistency between the quotation and production data.

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